Frequency Distribution

A frequency distribution is a table that organizes data.

The five table headings are as follows:

Name of variable | Frequency | Percent | Cumulative Frequency | Cumulative Percentage

In the first column, list the observed values. In the second column, list the frequency with which each value occurred. In the third column, put the result of Frequency/N X 100. In the fourth column, start at the bottom, and add up to the total N at the top. For the last column, do not add percentages from column 3. Instead, use Cumulative Freq./N x 100.

A Simple Frequency Distribution fits into the sequence of ways to organize your data like this:
Data (i.e. actual survey sheets)
Unordered list
Rank ordered list
Simple Frequency Distribution

A Simple Frequency Distribution is distinct from a Grouped Frequency Distribution, which groups data at intervals.