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I am a doctoral student in Childhood Education and Literacy Studies at the USF College of Education. This wiki contains my notes on everything I've read this semester.

Spring 2009

Research in Reading Instruction - RED 7745
Psychology of Language Development - EDF 7265
Statistical Analysis Educational Research II - EDF 7408

Fall 2008

EDF 6407 Statistical Analysis for Educational Research I
LAE 7747 Literature Program Design
RED 7938 Advanced Graduate Seminar

I'm also informally assisting with RED 4310 Reading and Learning to Read.

I work for the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. I run the Technology Infused Learning Program and coordinate support for technology integration through the Laptop Initiative. I also work to support the college's participation in USF on iTunes U.

To discuss anything on this site, visit my blog.

Literacy Research Search Links
Educational Researcher http://edr.sagepub.com/current.dtl
American Educational Research Journal http://aer.sagepub.com/current.dtl
Review of Educational Research http://rer.sagepub.com/current.dtl
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis http://epa.sagepub.com/current.dtl
Review of Research in Education http://rre.sagepub.com/current.dtl
Reading Teacher http://www.reading.org/publications/journals/rt/current/index.html
Reading Research Quarterly http://www.reading.org/publications/journals/rrq/current/index.html
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy http://www.reading.org/publications/journals/jaal/current/index.html